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The world is full of opinions, some better than others. Momsplained was created to give the world a look into the mind of a mother. For all mothers out there, or really parents in general, there is a unique perspective when it comes to parenting. Sometimes, all rules are out the window. At Momsplained, we dive into some of the most complicated and deep topics when it comes to parenting, love, and life - but also share opinions on some of the more fun, and perhaps more superficial, topics along the way.

So sure, you can go ahead and mansplain things to us, but let us momsplain a thing or two.


Lauren | The single mother of the team and full time mother, Christian, and wine enthusiast... part-time dater, kickboxer, marketer, comedy enthusiast, housekeeper, landscaper, dog walker, boo-boo healer, clothes washer, financial planner, etc.

Being a single mother to a beautiful daughter, Lauren juggles the responsibilities of being a provider for the family, raising a child in a split family household, and managing the relationship between two families while dating, working, and keeping faith.


Danielle | A former single mother turned full-time wifey, full time mother of two, smart-a$$, and Christian... part-time creative designer, DIY-er, dinosaur cuddler, dog walker, baker, cleaner, project manager, and pasta maker.

Marrying as a single parent has given Danielle a unique perspective on raising a child through the process of dating to marriage, as well as welcoming a new sibling into the family. An independent, career-minded person, Danielle balances a household and family through a modern family dynamic.


Adina | The married mom of three; full time mother, wife, and Christian... part-time teacher, moms group coordinator, deal finder, in-law entertainer, minivan driver, and ambassador of holding down the fort when dad is traveling for work.

With a child on the autism spectrum, Adina spends time learning about the needs of autistic children to help her son while juggling two other kids and all that life brings with them. As a wife, she overcomes hurdles within a marriage while also enjoying the significant joys along the way.


Disclaimer and special notes:

We are not doctors, therapists, psychoanalyists, medical practitioners, lawyers, or any other entity with legal parameters. Anything said on this website is to be taken as non-professional information. We hope you find joy, support, insights, and other nuggets of entertainment to make you smile. But, we are not passing out legal or medical advice, for our full list of disclaimers, please visit our Disclaimer Page.