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Momsplained was created as an online platform and outlet for all parents - mothers, fathers, adoptive parents, single parents, guardians and caretakers. With the changing dynamics of 'family', there are many unique perspectives on being a parent today. At Momsplained, we dive into some of the most complicated and deep topics when it comes to parenting, love, career, and life – but also share opinions on some of the more light, and perhaps more humorous, topics along the way.

Momsplained is happy to offer unique content, special promotions, educational resources, and more for our thousands of readers across the globe. To speak with us or to learn about partnership opportunities, please visit our press page.


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We are not doctors, therapists, psychoanalyists, medical practitioners, lawyers, or any other entity with legal parameters. Anything said on this website is to be taken as non-professional information. We hope you find joy, support, insights, and other nuggets of entertainment to make you smile. But, we are not passing out legal or medical advice, for our full list of disclaimers, please visit our Disclaimer Page.