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Fingerlings, the Hottest Holiday Toy of the Season & How to Get it

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Every year, parents everywhere scramble to learn, and then buy, the perfect gift for their kid(s) for the holiday. As a single parent, I can barely find the time to skim the papers and walk down a couple aisles – let alone keep up with the latest fads in kids toys. Luckily, I got the jump on one of the biggest toys this season. The catch: good luck finding it on the shelves.

fingerlings in stock

Fingerlings the holidays seasons hottest toy

If you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry, we will cover all of the details – including, how to get one of your own. First, let’s go over what exactly these little things are and what they cost.

Brightly colored, with fluffy mohawks and faces that make them look a bit like Teletubbies, these palm-sized plastic baby monkeys “curl around your finger and come to life when you play, responding to sound, motion, and touch with over 40 animations,” according to manufacturer WowWee.

There are six different Fingerlings (Bella, Boris, Finn, Mia, Sophie, and Zoe), Toys R’Us has an exclusive Unicorn named Gigi and a Sloth Fingerling and Glitter Fingerlings ($17.99)are due to be out soon (Amazon stated November 20th for the glitters but I can’t locate the pre-order pages on the site).

Retailers like Toys R’Us, Amazon, and Walmart are selling the little pets around $15 each. Yes, you read that right – an original Fingerling costs $14.99. It’s a pretty inexpensive toy, if you can get it off of the shelves. Buying it on ebay or other resale sites will cost you a pretty penny, however.

How to get a Fingerling

For those who roll into a store and see one on the shelf, count yourself blessed. It isn’t easy and the word has been out since the summer that these are the hot toy of the holidays so of course, people looking to sell them at 3-4x their retail price are scooping up stock left & right. So how can a parent get one?


zooLert is s a FREE online monitor service, stock tracker for everything hot and hard to find. They monitor the availability and alert you when your items are in stock – stock is updated every minute! So as soon as a store lists a product as available, zoolerts can alert you via email, web browser, or your phone. For Fingerlings, you’re going to want to get text alerts on your phone.

Why to your phone? I’ve been using it for over a month and my success rate of actually getting access to a Fingerling in stock is about 25%. I’m not sure why but I think that perhaps your location vs. location of the stock might have something to do with it. Maybe it is alerting of in-store stock instead of online? Or maybe I’m not quick enough and the limited stock is already sold out. However, there are times that I click on the text alert as soon as it is sent and still get “out of stock.”

But it’s not terrible, I’ve already gotten my hands on a few – including the elusive Gigi – so don’t give up hope! Get on zoolerts now –

What does a Fingerling do?


With Fingerlings, fun is always close at hand. Literally! These miniature baby monkeys cling to your fingers and go where you go. They’re full of hugs, love and mischief—all they need is your care and attention. They react to sound, motion and touch, make fun little monkey noises, and move in ways that will make you squeal with delight. Friendship really is at your fingertips!


With over 40 animations and SFX, these adorable newborns are a lively bunch. Clinging to your finger is only the beginning! They also make kissing sounds, chatter away in monkey babble, open and close their eyes, hang by their tails and more. Discover all of the fun, wild and wacky ways that they respond to your touch and voice.

Here are the different Fingerlings available and where to get one, when they’re in stock.



Good luck, parents! You can do this!

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