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What to Do When Your Child Questions Santa [Free Download]

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One of the greatest joys of being a parent is to see the wonder on your child’s face as they experience the magic of everyday life. From their first snowfall to the first time their toes touch the oceans waves, we relive our firsts through them. Christmastime/ the holidays is one of the most special times to relive the magic we once felt. Putting the angel atop the tree, baking cookies for Santa, even that bastard Elf is worth it to make our kids smile. Even if briefly.

And we can’t give them everything, nor would we want to. But what we can give them is the spirit of the season, the magic of love and hope. So when their belief starts to waiver, we panic a bit inside. How can we explain without letting them down, at best, and giving them a trust complex, at worst? Well, relax parents. It is OK.

Even if their reaction isn’t great at first, kids are no different from us – they need time to comprehend. So if we give them something to think about, something to ponder, they take that with them. My daughter has an amazing ability to reason; I know that’s not common but it means I can give her info and then let her process it on her own time and in her own terms. And that’s really all we can do as parents, give them the tools and then let them tinker.

So when it comes to questioning the jolly, big guy, we all take a collective gasp. It means a loss of holiday innocence, an ending to the magic of the holidays perhaps. But what if we could keep the magic going in a different way? Have you even considered that there truly is magic in the holiday season?

I’ve seen other letters to children floating around and they are all OK. But honestly, they miss the key points for me – 1. there really was a St. Nick; 2. the magic is real; 3. the magic can die if we let it. Have you let it?

See below for a direct download of my letter that I will give to my daughter when she gets to the age. There are some religious connotations to it, so if you don’t have a religious connection to the holidays, just change that portion.


–FREE DOWNLOAD, To My Child, An Invite to Christmas Magic Group —

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